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Dr. Tien Dang and the Studio Dental of River Park Team are highly qualified to perform simple and complex oral surgery procedures such as dental implants, bone grafts, and tooth extractions. The process begins with a complete examination, utilizing digital 3D X-rays and intraoral cameras to evaluate the case. Every attempt will be made to save the tooth. If saving the tooth is not possible, an oral surgery procedure will be recommended that’s best suited for you. All surgical procedures are performed in our office with an utmost focus on patient safety and comfort.

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Our Surgical Dental Procedures

To ensure that your surgery goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible, we use in-office sedation methods such as medical nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Here are some of the most common oral surgery procedures that Dr. Tien Dang performs:

Tooth Extractions (Including Wisdom Teeth)

  • This is our most common type of oral surgery. A tooth removal, or extraction, becomes necessary when a patient has impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth; a tooth that’s beyond repair due to damage, trauma, or decay; to create space for an orthodontic treatment; or when primary teeth have failed to fall out on their own

Dental Implants

  • Dental implants function and look just like real teeth. They serve to replace one or more missing teeth to help improve your chewing function, ability to eat, and most importantly, your smile
  • Is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth since they typically last an entire lifetime, and is also the most comfortable option for replacing missing teeth

Bone Grafts

  • Usually placed following a tooth extraction, bone grafts help to preserve the bone levels that will eventually decline in an area of a missing tooth
  • An adequate level of bone is essential since everything from implants, to bridges, to even dentures requires a sufficient amount of bone in order to help support the teeth above
  • Helps decrease the recovery time following an extraction since we are jump-starting the body’s own natural process of filling in the empty socket where the tooth used to be, with new bone

Dr. Tien Dang at Studio Dental of River Park is highly qualified to perform a variety of in-office oral surgery procedures that will help you artistically achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. To schedule an oral surgery consultation in Richmond, TX, with Dr. Tien Dang today, please call Studio Dental of River Park at: 281-560-3001!

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