Emergency Dental Services

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Life can be unexpected. But you can expect us to be there.

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies can be painful and often occur without warning. Studio Dental offers emergency dental care for patients of all ages to help you when you need it most. With no appointment required, our same-day emergency dental care is available to stop your pain, restore your smile, and, most importantly, get you back to your daily life as fast as possible.

Do I have to book an appointment if I am having an emergency?

We understand the severity of dental emergencies. Depending on the urgency of treatment, our doctors will accommodate an emergency patient on the same day Studio Dental is contacted without requiring an appointment. Many dental-related injuries will only become more severe if treatment does not begin immediately.

We provide emergency services for all of the following:

  • Loose teeth
  • Teeth that have been knocked out or displaced
  • Broken, chipped, cracked teeth
  • Soft tissue damage and excessive gum bleeding
  • Tooth abscess
  • Loose implants, bridges, crowns, or fillings
  • Bleeding or dry socket discomfort caused by a tooth extraction
  • Any unexplainable pain in the orofacial area

In the event of a head injury causing concussion-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, or uncontrolled bleeding, we strongly recommend that you immediately visit the nearest hospital emergency room.

How can I prevent a dental emergency?

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent an emergency, minimizing the likelihood of one is the best way of protecting oneself. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid chewing hard food items. Examples: ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candies. Hard food items can chip and crack teeth, causing irreversible damage.
  • Never use your teeth to cut objects or tear open packages. Using your teeth to open packages could permanently dislodge or break your teeth.
  • Wear a sports mouthguard when participating in any sport. Studio Dental specializes in custom-fitted sports mouthguards that offer the highest impact protection level.
  • You may require botox injections to calm the overactive chewing muscles if you suffer from teeth grinding or jaw clenching, notably while sleeping.

I am so happy I stumbled upon this office. My son had a minor emergency on a Saturday morning and needed to have a tooth extracted. I called several offices that were either unable or unwilling to help us. Studio Dental told me to arrive as soon as I could and met us at the door. My son (7 yrs old) was extremely nervous and they made him feel comfortable right away. The bedside manner of both Dr. Dang and the hygienist was amazing! I was so impressed, I scheduled a cleaning for my son and daughter (4 yrs) before we left.

Erin W.

Visiting Studio Dental was a remarkable experience! First of all, I love the flexible schedule! I had a dental emergency, and I was in pain. They were able to book my appointment early in the morning. Second, I was greeted with a warm welcome by Tiffany, Dr. Dang’s wife. We went over some forms in less than 2 minutes. Since it was my first time there, I had to fill out some forms, that Tiffany sent me by email. I didn’t even wait for a minute, when Stephanie, Dr. Dang’s assistant took me to the room, and offered me a warm neck pillow, a blanket, and something to drink. I felt, I was being pampered by Spa professionals! Stephanie took some X-rays, and I didn’t even feel discomfort. Then,  Dr. Dang came, and explained to me with visuals how he was going to resolve my dental problem. While I was being treated by Dr. Dang I didn’t feel any pain because I was very entertained watching a movie from Netflix. The television was on the ceiling! Also, he was explaining every single step of the  procedure. After he was done, he showed me before and after pictures on a big screen. They have the latest technology! I even got a Goodie bag! Resuming, Customer Service is excellent! They are very polite, and they understand all patients’ needs! For those of you searching for a great experience at the Dental office, look no further than this place.


Great emergency visit to Studio Dental!!! Dr. Dang’s staff got me in quickly when my 10+ year-old crown popped off and he had it back on quickly and painlessly.Thank you Studio Dental.

Lynette A

Took my emergency and was the best service.

M. Sue

I can’t say enough good things about Studio Dental! I was a new patient and had an emergency on a Saturday. I called them at 10 am; they did not have any availability, but was able to fit me in as a walk in at 1 pm that day. The entire staff was warm, friendly, and very welcoming! The office was extremely clean and very modern! There are TVs in all exams rooms with Netflix to help ease anxiety and keep you occupied. They explained my treatment plan and went over my options in detail! It was as enjoyable of an experience as a trip to the dentist can be! Needless to say - I have found my new dentist!

Sarah P.

I’ve had the pleasure of officially being a patient of Dr. Dang’s for a year now and I’ve never been happier with such an amazing dental team. The care and attention that was provided due to an emergency visit has resulted in not only a patient for life but a wonderful friendship. Dr. Dang and his team have remained consistent in their professionalism, their ability to make you feel welcome and the pride they have in their dentistry. If you’re looking for a state of the art facility but comfort in knowledge and ability, then Studio Dental of Riverpark is the place to go.

Lisa K.

Had an emergency (cracked bonding) and Dr. Dang got me in as a new patient within a couple of hours and did an incredible job. Very professional, helpful and extremely nice group of people. Based on my experience, I am switching from my previous dentist to Dr. Dang and would highly recommend Studio Dental of River Park.

Quinten C.
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