Anxiety-Free Dentistry

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Don’t let your phobias and nerves hold you back from achieving your dream smile.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

                                       Millions of Americans have fears of the dentist, and Studio Dental of River Park recognizes that every person has different experiences. We are proud to offer anxiety-free services to help ease the stress that some face when coming to the dentist.                                        From comfortable seats, pillows, and TVs to nitrous oxide gas to help calm extreme nervousness or anxiety, we seek to put our patients at ease and transform their appointment into a relaxing wellness visit.                                    

How do we reduce patient anxiety?

We do a variety of things! Our friendly staff seek to diminish worry in our patients, and our amenities such as TVs, blankets, and pillows seek to ensure physical comfort! If a patient is still experiencing worry, anxiety, or suffering from phobia, then we will graduate to more drastic measures such as laughing gas or general anesthetic. The laughing gas used at Studio Dental is                                    medical-grade nitrous oxide gas, which is ideal for dentistry. This gas causes feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and calmness for the duration of the procedure,                                        relieving any fears or anxiety a patient might have or be suffering from. Once the gas is turned off, the relaxed feeling quickly fades, ensuring that you do not suffer any drowsy side effects and are able to continue with your day in an efficient                                        and attentive manner.                                    

What about anesthesia?

                                       Sometimes, more advanced measures are required. In these cases, we use a general anesthetic. This allows the patient to be fully free of pain for the procedure. Phobias and anxiety aren’t something that a person has control over, but the impact of                                        such a condition can sometimes be devastating. We at Studio Dental of River Park don’t want people to be hindered from receiving quality care by uncontrollable conditions. Our anxiety-reducing techniques instead allow patients with even extreme                                        anxiety to feel at ease and focus on our comfortable amenities.                                    


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