Do I Need Rubber Bands With Braces?

Do I Need Rubber Bands With Braces?

By StudioDental - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Do I Need Rubber Bands With Braces?

Rubber Bands In My Mouth?!

A rubber band, also known as an elastic band or lacky band, is a loop of rubber that is frequently used to hold things together. From holding together envelopes to tying up ponytails, there are endless uses for them! You may be familiar with orthodontic rubber bands from past experiences or connections with friends and family, and you already know that rubber bands attach to braces between the jaws. No matter your knowledge on the subject, we want to shed some light on the importance of rubber bands.         

So, what’s the deal with rubber bands/elastics, and why are they important to braces?

Solving The Puzzle: How Rubber Bands Help Your Teeth

Elastics gently pull on teeth to help move the teeth and jaws to make your bite fit together more comfortably. If you consider each jaw and tooth as individual puzzle pieces, rubber bands help move the pieces together to complete the puzzle. Our goal is to get the jaws and teeth to an ideal and healthy functional bite.                                            

Wearing Rubber Bands Helps Improve Your Smile

Besides correcting jaws and moving teeth to the best bite, rubber bands also give the orthodontist the ability to maximize the aesthetics of your smile. We can use rubber bands to accurately move teeth during treatment, which can not only make your smile beautiful but also change the shape of your face.                                    

Do I Have To Get Rubber Bands/Elastics?

The easy answer is no. However, one of the roles of your orthodontist is to align your teeth and bite, so elastics are used very frequently. If you are prescribed rubber bands, don’t worry. They prove no hassle and are easy to insert or remove when necessary. For example, rubber bands are removed during meals and when brushing teeth. They are also replaced when they lose their stretchiness in order to make sure that everything in your mouth stays tight and secure.

Just like how a medication is prescribed from your family doctor when you have a cold or flu, elastics are prescribed by dental professionals to correct misaligned teeth and bites. And, just like how you would follow the directions of a medical prescription to get better, following through on your prescription of rubber bands will help move your teeth much faster. Plus, wearing your rubber bands/elastics will help you get your braces off quicker!

Rubber Bands/Elastics Fast Facts

  • Elastics are used to help move the teeth and jaws to an ideal bite.
  • Rubber bands are one of the many tools that orthodontists use to make your smile and face beautiful!
  • Elastics are normal and used frequently in braces treatment.
  • It is a team effort between the patient and orthodontist to wear the rubber bands and help quickly correct your bite.


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