Periodontal Disease Treatment in Richmond, TX

If your gums bleed when you brush, or you still have bad breath after using mouthwash, you may have periodontal disease. Also called “gum disease”, periodontal disease affects up to half of all Americans over the age of 30, including many in the Richmond, TX, area. At Studio Dental of River Park, Dr. Dang and our staff take chronic gum disease very seriously because it can cause or worsen medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and breathing problems. The key to keeping periodontal disease in check is through early intervention and treatment.


How Does Periodontal Disease Start?

Periodontal disease is a chronic infection that can damage your gums and even the bones that support your teeth. Oftentimes, gum disease starts when poor oral hygiene habits are combined with putting off regular dental cleanings and exams. As a result, plaque starts forming between the patient’s teeth and gum line. If that periodontal disease goes untreated, pockets can open up that begin separating the teeth and gums. At that point, the patient may experience loose teeth, and if the condition isn’t treated the affected teeth may eventually have to be extracted.

How We Treat Periodontal Disease

The treatment our hygienist will recommend for you depends on the general health of your teeth and gums, along with the initial severity of the periodontal infection. If your disease is mild, a good cleaning with frequent follow-up visits may be all that’s required. If it’s more serious, we’ll need to perform a deep cleaning treatment, also known as “scaling” and “root planing”. This procedure is designed to first eliminate the harmful bacteria that’s present, and then smoothing out the gum surface to help keep unwanted organisms from returning.

Our hygienist will then irrigate the diseased area with an antimicrobial rinse to flush out any remaining bacteria. Finally, a laser is used to seal up the pockets, which further helps promote healing and minimize bleeding. You will then be asked to return in a few weeks for a follow-up check. More frequent teeth cleanings may also be recommended by Dr. Dang so that the periodontal disease doesn’t return. The best thing you can do to prevent gum disease is brush 3 to 4 times per day, floss once-a-day, and visit your family dentist every 6 months!

At Studio Dental of River Park, periodontal disease treatments are just one of the many reliable general dentistry services that we offer to patients and families in the Richmond, TX, area. To schedule an appointment today, please call Studio Dental of River Park at: 281-560-3001!